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Build Intuit — Idea Set Theory & the Quadranym sensibility model (D. Scalise)

Pattern Language


Systematics — resources
Anthony G. Blake — home page
Tetrad of Activity (M. Zwick)
Dramatic Universe — summary (M. Grenfell)
DuVersity — inspired by the work of John Bennett (A. Blake/K. Stefano)
Book of Threes — large collection of Triads
Qualitative Systems Thinking (A. Hodgson)


ConceptNet (R. Speer/C. Havasi)
FrameNet (C. Fillmore)
WordNet (G. Miller)


Unrelated Links

Several projects share the term numeronomy, however the following homonyms have no connection to our usage:
Syndex Numeronomy (dealing with prime numbers)
Vortex Math Numeronomy (largely considered a psuedo-science 'math parlor trick')
Theory of Word Numeronomy letter-counting (Y. Anderson)

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