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Activities Guide

Polynyms & Quadranyms:

Name Activity Notes
Plot Polynyms / Quadranyms line, column, pie, dependency wheel, word cloud, network graph
Sort Polynyms / Quadranyms click column header to sort
Edit Polynyms / Quadranyms click ✓ to edit, ⊠ to delete
Tile Polynyms Tiled text visualizer
Hyper Quadranyms Extended dimension visualizer
Compare Polynyms Set theory comparison
? Find Polynym / Quadranym Dimension show codimensions
+Polynym Add/See part: dimensions are pieces of the topic
step: dimensions are stages in the topic's process
type: dimensions are variations of the topic
See Unionyms Polynym dimensional unions: repeated terms and their frequency in boldfreq
↘ % percentage by each field reflects convergence rate
See Sectionyms Polynym dimensional intersections:
⊠ Supernym shows supersets only
+Quadranym Add/See Freeform: EROS are any POS
Conjugal: ER are root verb (VB) & OS are singular noun (NN)
+Pset Add/See Polyset pick Polynyms from list
+Qset Add/See Quadraset pick Quadranyms from list
+Pmap Add/See Quadraset pick two Polynyms, pick relations
+Pvect Add/See Polynym Vectornym choose Polynyms from list

User Content

Name Activity Notes
+Story Add/See
Method: Frames
Pick Topic/Phrase from menus
Method: Pairs
List Phrase,Topic pairs
(comma-separated pairs, separated by newlines)
→Use two newlines to separate sections
Method: Matched Lists
Build dual lists of Phrases and Topics
(two comma-separated lists of matching length)
→ Match list lengths, or use one Topic/Phrase to autofill
→ To separate sections: use a newline at the same point in both lists
all methods: separators stored as a dummy Quadranym/Phrase pair, appear as “-” in the Story
+Tale Add/See pick a Fable and its required number of Topics

Common fields when adding nyms:

  • source: historical source(s)
  • area: discipline or field of study
  • z: disambiguate from other nyms on same topic
  • URL: wikipedia or other info


Name Activity Notes
+Phrase Add/See single-Q qode for Topic dimension and POS:
q1[n, e, r, o, s]_[ADJ, NN, NNS, VB, VBD, VBG, VBN]
+Fable Add/See multi-Q qode for Topic number, dimension and POS:
q[number][n, e, r, o, s]_[ADJ, NN, NNS, VB, VBD, VBG, VBN]


Name Activity Notes
Emo Guess mood Pick mood model, enter word or phrase
nyms Guess dimension Pick Polynym, enter word or phrase
Qontext Quadranym layer visualizer pick three Quadranyms
aPolysis P-search any URL pick Polynym, enter URL


Name Activity Notes
Quizzection find the missing Sectionym ¡Get a HIGH SCORE!
PolyPuzzle find the missing Polynym ¡Get a HIGH SCORE!
FunMarryKill G-rated AI version of the popular quiz calls ConceptNet API


Name Activity Notes
EZ-Spin spin a Topic through a Phrase → deqoding trace in top right
TaleSpin spin Topics through a Fable ⊠ Reverse flips Topic order
⊠ Trace shows deqoding steps
SpinVerse spin Topics and Phrases


Name Activity Notes
OraQueue spin Topics through a Fortune
TexTurner reqode text — WIP: local only — not yet on server

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