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Activities Guide

Quadranym Activities

Name Activity Notes
HyperQ extended Quadranym view dynamic search may pick up stray nodes
OraQueue spin Topics through a Fortune
Qontext visualize three Quadranyms
Qmatrix compare Quadranym sets
EZ-Spin spin a Topic through a Phrase → deqoding trace in top right
TaleSpin spin Topics through a Fable ⊠ Reverse flips Topic order
⊠ Trace shows deqoding steps
SpinVerse spin Topics and Phrases
TexTurner reqode text — WIP: local only — not yet on server
Diqtionary NEROS-search

Polynym Activities

Name Activity Notes
Emonyms Guess mood or a word or phrase
PolyMatrix compare Polynym sets
PolyMath compare two Polynyms
PolyPlots show Polynym distributions ⋀ line, column, pie, wheel and cloud charts
PolyKins guess relation to a word or phrase calls ConceptNet API
PolyPuzzle find the missing Polynym ¡Get a HIGH SCORE!
PolySaurus P-search
PolyTile visualize a Polynym
aPolysis P-search any URL
FunMarryKill G-rated AI version of the popular quiz calls ConceptNet API
Quizzection find the missing Sectionym ¡Get a HIGH SCORE!

Database Activities

Name Activity Notes
Tales ← view
+ ← add pick a Fable and its required number of Topics
Fables ← view
+ ← add multi-Q qode for Topic number, element and POS:
q[number][n, e, r, o, s]_[ADJ, NN, NNS, VB, VBD, VBG, VBN]
Stories ← view
+ ← add: Method 1 Pair-List
List Phrase,Topic pairs
(comma-separated pairs, separated by newlines)
→Use two newlines to separate sections
+ ← add: Method 2 Matched-Lists
Build dual lists of Phrases and Topics
(two comma-separated lists of matching length)
→ Match list lengths, or use one Topic/Phrase to autofill
→ To separate sections: use a newline at the same point in both lists
both methods: separators stored as a dummy Quadranym/Phrase pair, appear as “-” in the Story
Phrases ← view
+ ← add single-Q qode for Topic element and POS:
q1[n, e, r, o, s]_[ADJ, NN, NNS, VB, VBD, VBG, VBN]
Quadranyms ← view
+ ← add Freeform: EROS are any POS
Conjugal: ER are root verb (VB) & OS are singular noun (NN)
Polynyms ← view
+ ← add part: elements are pieces of the topic
step: elements are stages in the topic's process
type: elements are variations of the topic
Polymaps ← view
+ ← add uses ConceptNet relations
stored as “element1,relation,element2”
Unionyms combining Polynyms terms with any repeated term and frequency in boldfreq
↘ % percentage by each field reflects convergence rate
Sectionyms intersecting Polynyms dynamic search for current intersections
⊠ Supernym shows supersets only

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