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Bugs & Wishes

Tech Notes

Known Bugs

TexTurner: spaCy hangs on server; optimize deqode FIXME
AddX: back on browser re-adds
/x/: missing slug URL in view methods
capitalize(): breaks qode

  • AJAX kludge is URL-heavy
  • PlotQ starts on P

PolyMap: catch missing relations
HyperQ: not finding all links


  • broken batch/repeated topics (Story only)
  • match_caps: fix qode-caps on sentence start
  • miss URL carry-over from phrase>story, fable>tale


OPEN THE SOURCE: set up GitHub project
Phrase/Fable/Story: CRUD
TexTurner, etc: Prescreen enqode for conflicts
Poly/Quad database: insert blank row and fill in
Pset dependency wheel find: display NEROS-string – cell corners?

Site-wide fixes:

  • Sync django/DokuWiki login: authdjango fails

¡New App Ideas!

PolyArea: traces 1 area thru depths
ANS-VON format: Adjective-subjectnoun-verb-objectnoun
Q-Placer: Topic ⇒ guess_Q; code works, slow
Q-Miner: corpora ⇒ find_Q; code works?
PolyMiner: corpora ⇒ find_P; code works?
PolyGrid: ingest multi-Polymap tables (like I Ching)
PolyMindMeld - fix til your PolyMap matches accepted map
Lil'-Knowners: little-used well-rooted words (transit.VERB)
Polynymic table: colored/stacked by mode/depth
BAR-fights: Barbell Adversity Ratios (mode & state BARs)
Fix-recommender: chunk & stem

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