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 <WRAP column 32%> <WRAP column 32%>
-**[[|→ NYMOLOGY SITE →]]**\\+**[[|→ NYMOLOGY SITE →]]**\\
   * **[[nymology|Nymology FAQ]]**\\   * **[[nymology|Nymology FAQ]]**\\
   * **[[guide|Activities Guide]]**\\   * **[[guide|Activities Guide]]**\\
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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 ---- ----
 +**Open source code base: [[https://​​verkoder/​nym|Nymology on GitHub]]**
 <WRAP column 45%> <WRAP column 45%>
 <WRAP round alert>​**Known Bugs**</​WRAP>​ <WRAP round alert>​**Known Bugs**</​WRAP>​
-**TexTurner:​** spaCy hangs on server FIXME\\ 
 **AddX:** back on browser re-adds? \\ **AddX:** back on browser re-adds? \\
 **PolyPlot:​** **PolyPlot:​**
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 <WRAP column 45%> <WRAP column 45%>
 <WRAP round todo>​**Improvements**</​WRAP>​ <WRAP round todo>​**Improvements**</​WRAP>​
-**OPEN THE SOURCE:** set up GitHub project\\ 
 **TexTurner,​ etc**: Prescreen enqode for conflicts\\ **TexTurner,​ etc**: Prescreen enqode for conflicts\\
 **Poly/Quad database**: insert blank row and fill in\\ **Poly/Quad database**: insert blank row and fill in\\
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