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 <WRAP column 32%> <WRAP column 32%>
-**[[|→ NYMOLOGY SITE →]]**\\+**[[|→ NYMOLOGY SITE →]]**\\
   * **[[nymology|Nymology FAQ]]**\\   * **[[nymology|Nymology FAQ]]**\\
   * **[[guide|Activities Guide]]**\\   * **[[guide|Activities Guide]]**\\
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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 ---- ----
 +**Open source code base: [[https://​​verkoder/​nym|Nymology on GitHub]]**
 <WRAP column 45%> <WRAP column 45%>
 <WRAP round alert>​**Known Bugs**</​WRAP>​ <WRAP round alert>​**Known Bugs**</​WRAP>​
-**TexTurner:​** spaCy hangs on server; optimize deqode FIXME\\ +**AddX:** back on browser re-adds\\
-**AddX:** back on browser re-adds\\ +
-**/x/:** missing slug URL in view methods\\ +
-**capitalize():​** breaks qode\\+
 **PolyPlot:​** **PolyPlot:​**
   * AJAX kludge is URL-heavy   * AJAX kludge is URL-heavy
   * PlotQ starts on P   * PlotQ starts on P
-**PolyMap:** catch missing relations\\ +  ​Precompile graph & cloud?
-**HyperQ:** not finding all links +
-=== Story/Tale === +
-  * broken batch/​repeated topics (Story only) +
-  * match_caps: fix qode-caps on sentence start +
-  * miss URL carry-over from phrase>​story,​ fable>​tale+
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 <WRAP column 45%> <WRAP column 45%>
 <WRAP round todo>​**Improvements**</​WRAP>​ <WRAP round todo>​**Improvements**</​WRAP>​
-**OPEN THE SOURCE:** set up GitHub project\\ 
-**Phrase/​Fable/​Story:​** CRUD\\ 
 **TexTurner,​ etc**: Prescreen enqode for conflicts\\ **TexTurner,​ etc**: Prescreen enqode for conflicts\\
 **Poly/Quad database**: insert blank row and fill in\\ **Poly/Quad database**: insert blank row and fill in\\
 **Pset**: dependency wheel\\ **Pset**: dependency wheel\\
 +**Vectornym**:​ vectorline\\
 **find**: display NEROS-string – cell corners? **find**: display NEROS-string – cell corners?
 === Site-wide fixes: === === Site-wide fixes: ===
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 <WRAP column 50%> <WRAP column 50%>
 <WRAP round tip>​**¡New App Ideas!**</​WRAP>​ <WRAP round tip>​**¡New App Ideas!**</​WRAP>​
-**PolyArea**:​ traces 1 area thru depths\\ 
 **ANS-VON format**: Adjective-subjectnoun-verb-objectnoun\\ **ANS-VON format**: Adjective-subjectnoun-verb-objectnoun\\
 **Q-Placer**:​ Topic => guess_Q; code works, slow\\ **Q-Placer**:​ Topic => guess_Q; code works, slow\\
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