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The largest collection of idea sets ever made

A polynym1 is a group of related ideas–an idea set.2 All cultures use idea sets to unpack complex thought—from Yin/Yang to the Seven Deadly Sins.

Help build the largest collection of idea sets ever made!!!

Bennett2 and Miller3 showed that small sets of ideas can help us understand how we think. We hope this site will attract a diverse hive mind to collect idea sets.

Please help this research and share your thoughts!

Read the FAQ for more.


This wiki is a guide to the activities. To play, visit NYMOLOGY.

1 Or polyad: Unlike N-grams, polynyms represent holistic thought
2 Or multi-term system: Benettian Systematics (J. Bennett)
3 The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two (G. Miller)

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